Connecting with the refugee and migrant communities

New Settlers Family and Community Trust

New Settlers Family and Community Trust (NFACT) provides flexible, culturally and linguistically appropriate services for former refugee and migrant families. This includes, as much as possible, services “by refugees for refugees”.

When coming to a new country, migrants face many challenges, including language, employment, social normality, education and economic issues, as well as the normal stressors of everyday life.  Among such migrants, refugees have left behind areas of conflict and war, but the impact of those experiences continues to affect individuals, and the challenges of settlement can amplify any post-traumatic symptoms.

Adjusting to a new society is an intricate and difficult process for all new settlers and often results in changing dynamics for both individuals and family structures. Major fractures within family relationships can happen when people adapt differently to such adjustments. When left unaddressed these complex and interwoven dynamics can negatively impact mental and emotional well-being sometimes for decades.

Our Vision

We aspire to help new settlers and their families thrive within their communities and wider society through a range of targeted community-based services and initiatives.

Get Involved

Our volunteers are a precious resource and their invaluable support and contributions are crucial to the success of our programmes, workshops and group projects.

If you wish to volunteer, are keen to share your knowledge and expertise, or want to learn more about other cultures, then please get in touch and we will gladly welcome you on board.

"A common interest in sewing drew me into my involvement with the Refugee Women Empowerment Group and it is a common interest like this that can start to build bridges and friendships. I have lived and worked most of my life cross culturally and was surprised at the different direction this took for me on my return to New Zealand. But I took up the opportunity and have personally learnt heaps from these gracious, lovely ladies. I hope they have also felt kiwi friendship and care as we have talked, and eaten together. Their hospitality is at the forefront of all they do which has given rise to listening to their stories. I want to learn more Dari language so I can understand the ladies who don’t speak much English. I also want to encourage those whose parents are far away and share my parenting knowledge with those who are navigating the difficult waters of living cross culturally. "

Our Supporters


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