Programmes, workshops and activities

In fulfilling NFACT’s mission, our current activities are based on several core themes, which are translated into a number of specific programmes, workshops and group projects.

Migrant Family Resilience Programme

NFACT provides both short term and long-term sustainable projects and workshops to build up the community’s resilience, positive parenting, couple relationship strengthening and the reduction of family harm. We organise and conduct the Migrant Family Resilience programme, which has a focus on ‘family strengthening’ and ‘couple relationships’. The basic programme consists of five sessions that cover a range of relevant topics and can be adapted to different circumstances. It is a joint initiative and runs in collaboration with different community groups.

Men's & Women's Leadership Programmes

The aim of these programme is to identify, upskill and nurture refugee and migrant background men and women who have the potential to become leaders or champions in their own communities. We offer training programmes designed to teach skills of independence, leadership, conflict resolution and effective communication. The programmes also provide a safe space for participants to express themselves and learn from each other.

Psychosocial and Empowerment Groups

We run regular community-based groups for men and women. These groups aim to bring people together and facilitate healthy socialisation. These groups create opportunities for people to be empowered through learning new skills and celebrate cultural identity and sense of belonging.

Community Development Workshops

We organise and run workshops designed to address challenges that new settler communities face. The goal of these workshops is to increase educational and employment opportunities for who have recently resettled, such as teaching women skills to engage in social enterprise and business ventures.


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